Plastic Recycled LLDPE Natural Granules


LLDPE natural granules are made from the copolymerization of ethylene with alpha-olefins, which are more efficient and provide better mechanical properties than traditional LDPE.

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Properties of LLDPE Natural Granules

Physical Properties

The physical properties of LLDPE granules include a density of 0.90-0.92 g/cm2, which is slightly higher than LDPE, and a melting point of around 120-180°C, making them suitable for various thermal applications.

Chemical Properties

LLDPE is chemically resistant to many acids and bases, and it does not react with common chemicals at room temperature, which makes it ideal for packaging hazardous materials.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanically, LLDPE granules have higher tensile strength and impact resistance than LDPE, which allows them to be used in applications where durability is crucial, such as in toys or automobile components.

Technical Description

Material LLDPE Category LLDPE Natural Granules
Density 0.90-0.92 g/cm2 Compounding / Roto Molding
MFI 4-6 Filler 0%
Characteristics High flow, Rigidity, Gloss, Lightweight, Heat resistance, Corrosion Free, Recyclable, Non Toxic, Non Hazardous.
Applications Material can be used in Compounding / Masterbatches, Roto Molding products.



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