TSPI offers holistic end-to-end Industrial Waste Management Solution which includes collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, managing and monitoring of all types of waste materials.

Our approach is to improve companies environmental efficiencies eliminating waste through resource recovery practices, which are sustainability-related activities. One way to do this is by shifting away from waste management to resource recovery practices like recycling materials such as plastic and converting them into sustainable products.

Industrial waste causes risk for both the environment and the human health. It can cause air, water and soil pollution if not disposed off properly. This causes negative health impacts on the human health as well as the workers working in the factory.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Collection Logistics And Recycling

For waste collection we have pan India wide network of logistics partners associate with it for more than 2 decades, and has collection center present in all the states for storing, segregation and disposal of all types of waste.

Waste Management Training Program

Shakti provides onsite training for industrial waste management which educates employee about how to manage waste properly, training course includes identification, waste minimization, and waste collection (i.e. storing for recycling and disposal)

  • Waste characterization and types of waste

  • Environmental impact of waste

  • Health-effects due to waste

  • Health-effects due to waste

  • Segregation of waste

Government Organization

For all companies it is mandatory to dispose their waste through authorized recycler, And TSPI is CPCB/SPCB authorized recycler, we provide Certificate endorsed by local state pollution control board Under circular economy initiative we do recycle procured material into pallets, benches, dustbins etc.

Grades of Plastic Scrap

Segregation is the key factor for Recycling of Plastic Scrap Material. At Shakti Plastic Industries we segregate the material and then load into the vehicle. There are 7 different types of grades of plastic scrap. We recycle all the types of plastic scrap material including multi-layer plastic scrap. Shakti Plastic does the payment remittance as per each grade of plastic scrap.

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