LLDPE Aglo Pink


LLDPE Aglo Pink is extensively used in the extrusion process to create films and sheets. It is also a preferred material for manufacturing water tanks and rotational molding products, where its strength and flexibility are highly valued.

Material: Aglow

Colour: Pink

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LLDPE Aglo Pink is a type of linear low-density polyethylene that has been enhanced with specific additives to improve its physical properties. With a density of 0.90-0.92 g/cm³ and a melt flow index (MFI) of 2-3, it exhibits characteristics such as high flow, rigidity, gloss, and lightweight. Additionally, it is known for its heat resistance, non-toxicity, and recyclability.

Technical Description:

Material LLDPE Category LLDPE Aglow
Density 0.90-0.92 g/cm2 Film
LLDPE PINK MFI 2-3 Filler 2 %
Characteristics High flow, Rigidity, Gloss, Lightweight, Heat resistance, Corrosion Free, Recyclable, Non Toxic, Non Hazardous.
Applications Material can be used in extrusion, Water Tanks, and Roto Products.



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