LDPE Light Blue Granules

LDPE is renowned for its high ductility and low-density features, which make it an ideal packaging material.

Colour: Blue

Material: LDPE


Properties of LDPE

LDPE is renowned for its high ductility and low-density features, which make it an ideal material for packaging. It has a resistance to impact, moisture, and chemicals, which makes it durable over a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

Production of LDPE

The production of LDPE involves the polymerization of ethylene, a process that can be tailored to yield various characteristics, such as the light blue coloration in granules which is achieved through the addition of specific dyes and additives during the manufacturing process.


In Packaging

LDPE light blue granules are extensively used in the production of plastic bags, containers, and bottles, particularly useful in coding for recycling and reusability purposes.

In Manufacturing

Besides packaging, these granules are also used in manufacturing components for consumer electronics, automotive parts, and even as insulating material in the construction industry due to their flexibility and insulation properties.

Material LDPE Category LDPE Light Blue Granules
Density 0.90-0.92 g/cm2
LDPE LIGHT BLUE MFI 1.0 – 1.5 Filler 5 %
Filter 2×60 (it is our standard Filter, however it is customized as per customers’ requirement, minimum we can apply 2X60 Mesh)
Characteristics High flow, Rigidity, Gloss, Lightweight, Heat resistance, Corrosion Free, Recyclable, Non Toxic, Non Hazardous.
Applications Milk Pouch Computer Components Agriculture Pipe Laboratory Equipment Carry Bag
Industrial Pipe Tubing Sheets Industrial pipe Bottles
Material can be used in extrusion




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