Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) in Andhra Pradesh.

Extended Producer Responsibility is a set of rules and regulations put in place by the government to protect the environment by excessive usage of plastic in the market. Producers, Manufacturers, Importers, Brand Owners, and Consumers all fall under the umbrella of Extended Producer Responsibility. EPR is primarily concerned with aspects of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste litter. It intends to bring more recycled plastic usage wherever possible.

EPR, or Extended Producer Responsibility, was created to help, manage and safeguard the natural environment. Due to plastic material being cheap in the market it is easily purchasable. The basic purpose of Extended Producer Responsibility is to recover Post-industrial and Post-consumer Plastic released by various Producers, Brand Owners, Importers, and Consumers.

Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board has played a vital role in the protection of the environment, with the board different policies and frameworks in the preservation of the environment. They have a statewide presence inclusive of Vijayawada as the Head office, and 3 Zonal and 13 regional offices which cover the area of Andhra Pradesh. For more info check https://pcb.ap.gov.in/

For Registration under PWM Rules 2022 for EPR you may follow below steps

Step 1: Registration with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) & Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control board (APPCB)

Step 2: Collection of Waste through an authorized waste management agency

Step 3: Collection & Aggregation of Relevant Documents

Step 4: Quarterly Report Submission to CPCB

Step 5: Submission of Annual Report on Extended Producers Responsibility Liability Fulfillment.

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