The government recommended implementing legislation to create a framework for monitoring and supervising various enterprises that use plastic in the production and packaging of their products. For this, the government has passed the Extended Producer Responsibility Act (EPR). Producers, Brand Owners, and Importers are all subject to the Extended Producers Responsibility guidelines.

The Central Pollution Control Board developed this policy to preserve and manage the growing volume of plastic waste and plastic waste manufacturing. In theory, assigning such accountability might result in incentives to decrease waste at the source, promote environmentally friendly product design, and aid in the achievement of public recycling and materials management goals.

Every entity responsible for producing or using plastic packaging material must apply for registration with the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) and submit an Extend Producer Responsibility Plan (EPR) to the UPPCB. The Producer’s EPR Plan, which must be filed to UPPCB and the relevant local body, is available on the CPCB website and is annexed to the SOP. To read more

If you are a Producer, Importer, Brand owner in having Obligation for Extended Producers Responsibility fulfillment in Uttar Pradesh you may follow the below steps for Registration:

Step 1: Registration with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) & Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (UPPCB)

Step 2: Collection of Waste through an authorized waste management agency

Step 3: Collection & Aggregation of Relevant Documents

Step 4: Quarterly Report Submission to CPCB

Step 5: Submission of Annual Report on Extended Producers Responsibility Liability Fulfillment.

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