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Why RECYCLING is important for you ?


What is Recycling?

Recycling is a process that can extend a waste product or a material’s life by converting it into another product or changing its form for making it reusable in any other manner. Recycling is a very useful process for converting waste products and subjects like Plastic, Paper, Metals, and others materials into different Innovative and Sustainable products.

Recycling is a new path towards a society’s advancement in Environmental as well as Economic terms. A country’s development depends on its Economic and Environmental growth, it would only be possible when the country’s people take the responsibility to maintain its reputation by taking active participation to clean and safeguard its environment. For the sake of today’s generation as well as the future generation, we need to learn to Preserve, Manage and Reuse natural energy resources. It can only be done when we properly overtake the concept of Recycling and Reusing.


Why should we Recycle and Reuse ?

Recycling different waste products lead to the Circular Economy and Linear Economy. Giving rise to employment and managing Environmental Hygiene. Giving a better life to all humans as well as animals for their survival and completion of the life cycle.

Every year around 370 million tons of plastic has been produced from which only 9% to 10% of plastic gets recycled. Research says till 2050 we will have more plastic than aquatic animals.
source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/01/20/by-2050-there-will-be-more-plastic-than-fish-in-the-worlds-oceans-study-says/


How can you prevent this Crisis?

Here are some steps for helping us turn the tables:

Proper segregated waste management can help us channelize waste to recycler or end-of-life solution where it can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner which further can help us to shift from linear economy to circular economy gradually.

What are your responsibilities?

Keep your Waste Separate, Wet and Dry Waste.

All you must do is you can separate/segregate your Dry and Wet Waste. According to its materials separating the waste could help us in easy Disposing of, Reusing, and Recycling. Materials like

Participate in Awareness Activity.

You can also participate in our different IEC Activities happing in your locality and spread the word about best practices in waste management. With your active participation, it can help society take a big step towards a Clean and Green Future not only for us but for upcoming generations too.


Benefits of Recycling for Us ?

Helps in Preserving our Environment.

Recycling can be useful and can be proved to be a huge reason for safeguarding our Country’s Economic and Environmental growth. Recycling garbage waste products can lead to the downfall of different diseases and make the surrounding pretty healthy.

Helps in Conserving limited Resources.

Recycling can help conserve the use of restricted Natural fuel resources and obtain different cogeneration uses out of them. Recycling can save all the Natural Fuels standing on the brink of extinction.

Helps build a strong Economic base.

Recycling can build a path leading to Circular Economy or Financial Economy. Recycling a particular product and again producing the same products and being sold in the market is something called Circular Economy. Producing a particular product and converting it into some other product is called Linear Economy. Both these Economies provide recycled products a great opening in the market and help to grow the country’s economy.

Recycling creates Employment:

Recycling helps in increasing the number of Employment in society. It also helps to solve this unemployment issue for the lowest class people or people with the least education. Waste picking and segregation of the waste can be done by these people and people who are performing these jobs the real heroes of the Society.

Recycling reduces Environmental Pollution:

It helps in diverting waste from landfill thus, averting GHG emission into environment. Achieving cleaner and greener environment.

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