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What is extended producer responsibility in plastic waste management ?

Extended Producers Responsibility means the responsibility of a producer (including Brand-owners/Importers) for the environmentally sound management of the product until the end of its life.

Under EPR in accordance with PWM Rules 2016 (amendment 2018)  PIBOM’s (Producers, Importers and Brand Owners, Manufacturers) are given a significant responsibility for the recycling or disposal of post-consumer waste.

What is PRO?

The waste generators such as brand owners/producers are required to collect back the end of life waste generated through their business. This responsibility is met through waste collection agencies who are recognized as a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) .

Implementation of EPR activity

  1. Very first step starts with Registration at CPCB/SPCB by submission of relevant documents required by CPCB which mainly consist of an action plan, agreement, certificates, licenses, etc.
  2. Next step starts with the role of authorised waste management agency to collect back agreed volume of post consumer plastic waste in a period of 1 year from desired location and recycle or dispose it safely as per CPCB/SPCB guidelines.
  3. Waste collection agency will present relevant documents for proof of waste collection activity
  4. On behalf of PIBOM’s agency will submit quarterly report to CPCB.
  5. After completion of activity final report will be submitted by agency to PIBOM’s

Post-Consumer Waste Management System (Extended Producers Responsibility) – Pictorial Flow Chart

What is EPR In India

EPR in plastic waste management in IndiaIn fact, for the sake of operational convenience, TSPI has introduced “Digital documentation system” which would facilitate to store all EPR related documents with detailed monthly reports on our Cloud Server which can be accessed as and when needed maintaining traceability & avoid duplicity.

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