Recycled LLDPE Blue Granules


LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) Blue Granules are a crucial material used across various industries, from packaging to construction. Their unique properties make them an invaluable component in numerous applications.

Colour: Blue

Material: LLDPE

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Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, or LLDPE, is a type of polyethylene known for its strength, durability, and flexibility.

Applications of LLDPE Blue Granules

In the packaging industry, these granules are transformed into films that are used to wrap food products, ensuring freshness and protection against contaminants. In construction, they are used in liners for ponds or as insulation covers, leveraging their moisture barrier properties.

Benefits of Using LLDPE Blue Granules

One of the primary benefits of LLDPE Blue Granules is their cost-effectiveness. They provide superior performance at a lower cost compared to many other materials. Moreover, their impact on the environment is significantly less severe than other plastics, especially when recycled properly.

Technical Description

Material LLDPE Category LLDPE Blue Granules
Density 0.90-0.92 g/cm2 Compounding / Roto Molding
MFI 4-6 Filler 0%
Characteristics High flow, Rigidity, Gloss, Lightweight, Heat resistance, Corrosion Free, Recyclable, Non Toxic, Non Hazardous.
Applications Material can be used in Compounding / Masterbatches, Roto Molding products.


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