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Technova Recycling

Technova Recycling India is a waste management company. We’re dedicated to environmental preservation by ensuring that plastic waste is recycled rather than deposited in landfills, where it can take hundreds of years to degrade.

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CercleX is the world’s first digital waste management company to launch on Web3. That means, granular levels of traceability and transparency, token based economics, decentralized movement of waste, and everything else.

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Technoplast LLP is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machineries. Our company focuses on the research and development of plastic washing machine and plastic granulating machine. Backed by experience, unremitting efforts and pursuit, we create rich experience and increasingly perfect professional technology in the process design, product research & development, processing & manufacturing, quality control, on-site installation and after-sales service and the system solutions.

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SEWA - Sustainable Foundation

Environment SEWA Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to environmental protection. This NGO, based in Mumbai, is directed by a specialised team of experts and was established by The Shakti Plastic Industries to carry out CSR initiatives on the socio-environmental fronts across India.

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Asha Recyclean

We are a Baroda-based one of its own kind of start-up that specializes exclusively in upcycling Multilayered Plastic. MLPs in India, are primarily phased out of the system by either burning them in cement kilns and converting them into alternate fuel, dumping them in landfills, or littering in the oceans.

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EPR Registration

EPR registration for plastic waste is the responsibility of the management of disposal of those products once labeled as no longer useful by the consumers. Our main objective is to develop an easy and effective system that takes care of collection, segregation, and transportation of the material to the waste disposal facility which is approved by MPCB and CPCB as a professional agencies.

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FeelGood Eco-Nature

Feelgood EcoNurture LLP aims to reuse the non-recyclable plastic by recycling it into products that will replace & conserve natural resources. FeelGood has a patented technology for producing granules using mixed plastic waste and industrial waste for achieving new material that has significant properties over recycled granules.

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