EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy consisting of guidelines of rules and regulations provided by the Central Pollution Control Board. Extended Producer Responsibility is originally formed to reduce the effects of heavy Plastic Production on the environment. These Rules and Regulations comply with various entities like Producers, Brand-owners, and Importers.

Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy formed for the treatment and disposal of the produced Plastic Waste. EPR splits equal responsibilities of recycling and end-of-life disposal of this plastic waste within these entities. Mostly Post-industrial and Post-consumer waste are the types of waste that could create an issue like increasing Landfills, Pollution, and Environmental damage.

These rules are applicable in the State of Madhya Pradesh in order to prevent the pollution problems caused by Polythene Carry bags, the Department of Environment, Govt. of M.P has enforced a complete ban on manufacturing, storage, transportation, sale, purchase, and use of all type of polythene carry bags All the local bodies and District agency have been asked to
carry out inspections and impose penalties on violators along with seizures.

Also, in order to comply with the provisions of the rule and to give thrust on Plastic Waste minimization, source segregation, recycling, involving waste pickers, recyclers, and waste processors in the collection of plastic waste fraction either from households or any other source of its generation or intermediate material recovery facility and adopt polluters pay principle for the sustainability of the Plastic Waste Management is to be practiced. To read more http://www.mppcb.nic.in/

If you are a Producer, Importer, Brand owner with having Obligation for Extended Producers Responsibility fulfillment in Madhya Pradesh you may follow the below steps for Registration,


Step 1: Registration with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) & Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control board (MPPCB)

Step 2: Collection of Waste through an authorized waste management agency

Step 3: Collection & Aggregation of Relevant Documents

Step 4: Quarterly Report Submission to CPCB

Step 5: Submission of Annual Report on Extended Producers Responsibility Liability Fulfillment.

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