Busy day at IDF World Dairy Summit 2022#Business as usual

• Rahul V Podaar and Yatharth Bhardwaj Interacting with our existing and new eminent clients (National and International), further strengthening our ties with them.
• Working out a new model for bringing more #circularity by efficiently managing post-consumer and pre-consumer plastic waste.
• Welcoming a large number of footfalls today.

We appreciate everyone who visited us at the Top last – Total Plastic Exhibition and expressed interest in our products and services. Everyone had a great time, and the audience gave us a hugely enthusiastic reception.

It was a fantastic opportunity to interact with people. We value each person’s feedback and interest.

 IDF World Dairy Summit 2022

September 9 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:45 (1h)